vrijdag 2 april 2021

Training, training, training ! Diving into Pu'Erh

Training, training, training ! I stil hear my first (big) boss stating it during one of my very first corporate big meetings, when I was still a rookie, and just started as a junior salesman with Canon. I left the company a long time ago, but I still hear the words, and I still walk the talk. 

So, when I started getting serious about tea, the first thing I did was follow a very unpretentious but good introduction into tea, and, when seriously bitten and smitten, went into the ITMA training course for Tea Sommelier. I finished that in 2020 with a discourse on Wakoucha (I still love that tea), but also with a deep understanding that tea is a topic so vast that learning never stops, and I regularly try to follow online trainings about tea subjects that interest me. 

ready and waiting (still have to add the laptop though)

Very recently I heard about a training on Pu'erh by Olivier Schneider, one of the world's top specialists in this for me still mysterious tea (check out As I always felt that a lack of knowledge made it difficult for me to really enjoy fermented Chinese teas, this was the moment. And here I am, ready to start...feeling like a walker who stands in the valley, and sees the path he is going to follow disappear amongs the hillside trees. I don't know where it will bring me, and I don't know where it will end, but often the path itself is the most important. 

So, with burning curiosity, I wait for my Master...

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